How to navigate

To make it easy for everyone to navigate around this website, I have decided to filter my posts based on categories (Feature on WordPress). All my posts fall under any of these categories. You can also search specific content by using the search box.

You can find my guides on the left menu tab, or click here.


Gallery: Anything in Guild Wars 2 that is all about the art! Includes screenshots, artwork or showing off fashion trends for all artists alike.

Fluffy’s opinion: My review/opinion anything relating to Guild Wars 2, including content, links, guides and many more!

PvE: Any content relating to Player vs Environment (PvE), including World Bosses, Jumping Puzzles, Personal Story, and open world content including the Heart of Thorns expansion.

PvP: Anything related to structured PvP (sPvP).

WvW: Any content relating to World vs World and Edge of the Mists (EotM).

Lore: Guild Wars 2 lore related content.

Newbie: This would usually include content suited for newbies to the game, or new to a game mode.

Tips: Guild Wars 2 tips that will help all GW2 players alike.

Dungeons and Raids: Any content relating to high end PvE modes, including Dungeons, mini dungeons, Fractals of the Mists (FotM) and raids (Heart of Thorns expansion).


Use the top right menu tab and filter posts according to category so that you can see content that you want.

– Fluffy




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