The Downed State – Part 1

Written by Fluffy Von Cuddles (Isle of Janthir)
Updated: 25th October 2014 Blood and Madness




In this mini guide I would like to address a very important feature in combat: The downed state. As a newbie, I found this concept very new to me and I myself had difficulty grasping this feature. However, this is a very important thing to understand what the downed state actually does. Knowing what you can do when you are in the downed state changes whether you eventually defeat the enemy, or getting your whole party eliminated (Ouch!).


What is the downed state?

When your characters health reaches below 0, you will enter into this downed state. You will not be able to move or fight regularly. However, you will have access to four skills which you can ultilise for a chance to RALLY. If you rally you will remove yourself from the downed state. You will have access to all your skills again and achieve one downed penalty point.

The main thing you want to achieve while in the downed state is to rally, not to be defeated!

It is important to understand how the downed state works so that you can help yourself and others, so that you given that chance to defeat the enemy, and save others like poor Fluffy. 😦


What happens in the downed state?

After your health reaches zero, you will see a sign “Fight to survive!” or “Swim to the surface!” (Underwater combat). You will have access to four downed skills. The first 3 skills are unique to the profession, while the 4th skill is the same for everyone, which is Bandage.

If you are level 19 and below, achieving rally in the downed state is more difficult as the skill slot 2 and 3 are only unlocked at level 13 and level 19.

In underwater combat, the first three skill slots are different to land combat. Take the time to learn what they are, and that is to experience the downed state underwater.

I’m sure that most of you have experienced the downed state. To show how the downed state can help you, let’s look back at Fluffy’s scenario.


“Fluffy looks around at her enemies: There are 5 thieves attacking her, and saw that 3 thieves did not have full health.”

Firstly, I would check out how much enemies are still around me. I see that 3 thieves did not have full health. Is one of them at 10% health, or maybe at 50% health?
By killing an enemy while in the downed state, you will rally. In this situation I could target the enemy with the lowest health in order to get back into combat.

“Fluffy looks at all of her downed skills. Only her first three skills are available to use. She immediately presses 1 and she starts throwing rocks but missed the thieves. She presses 2 and throws a hammer, but also missed the enemy.”

Button mashing is a no-no in the downed state, especially in dungeons and World vs World. Take the time to learn what your downed skills are. This can only be achieved via experience. I have died many times and it takes a lot of deaths to learn how your skills can work in different situations.
As a Warrior, my first skill is “Throw Rock” which can do some damage to an enemy. My second skill, which is “Hammer Toss”, allows me to throw a hammer that will knockdown one enemy.

In this situation, I could target the enemy with the lowest health first. I would use “Hammer Toss” on the enemy, and while the enemy is knocked down, I would quickly use “Throw Rock” to finish off the enemy. In that short span of time, the damage done to me will be slightly less as there are only 4 thieves attacking me.

“Skill 4 (Bandage) is finally ready to be activated! *Presses 4*”

Hold on!
Did you know that if someone attacks you while you are using skill 4, you are interrupted and unable to use skill 4 until the cooldown is finished?
It is recommended that you use skill 4 only when it is safe to do so. As Fluffy was getting attacked by 5 thieves at the same time, skill 4 would be rendered useless as she would be immediately interrupted.

Analysing the situation, alongside good timing and using your skills wisely, Fluffy has a better chance to rally and kill the enemies without being defeated aka dead.


In Summary

  1. You will enter the downed state once your health reaches zero.
  2. When in a downed state, you will have access to 4 downed skills. The first 3 skills are unique to the profession and skill 4 is shared by all professions.
  3. Your main goal while in the downed state is to rally, not to get defeated aka dead. You can rally by killing another foe using your downed skills, or by getting out of combat and press 4 to heal yourself.
  4. Your downed skills on land is different from in underwater combat!


Tips for new players:

  1. Observe the situation and look out for enemies which have low health.
  2. Understand your downed skills and use them in good timing. Do not forget that your skills have cooldowns!
  3. Every situation is different so you would need to time your skills differently. You will experience many more difficult situations as you progress in the game.
  4. In underwater combat, you can move around (unlike on land combat where you are immobilised). You can also swim to the surface to recover health. However, doing so will cause you not to move and not have access to your downed skills.
  5. You will constantly LOSE health while in downed state, even if no one is attacking you. This is why there is skill 4 (Bandage) to heal yourself.

That’s all from me! I hope this helps beginners understand the downed state a little better and hope that this knowledge will increase your chances of survival in the open world.

The Downed State – Part 2

– Fluffy





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