The Downed State – Part 2

Written by Fluffy Von Cuddles (Isle of Janthir)
Updated: 25th October 2014 Blood and Madness


This is the 2nd part of the mini guide. If you haven’t read the first part (The Downed State – Part 1), go and have a read before you read this bit.

The Downed State – Part 1

In the first of this mini guide (The Downed State), I shared on what the downed state is, how it works, and how you can ultilise the downed state well so that you can rally and get back into combat. As I have said, everyone should aim to rally as fast as possible. In this follow up guide, I will share a bit more on the following that relates to the downed state:

  • Downed penalty
  • Downed health
  • Defeated state

Yes, the downed state gets a bit complicated from here.



Original image retrieved from the GW2 Wiki


You might notice that I briefly mentioned in the first guide about the downed penalty. Once you have rally from the downed state, you gain 1 downed penalty. This penalty has a 60 second cooldown.

How do you know how many downed penalty you have? All you do is check the arrow icon on the bottom left of the health orb.

Here’s the thing: If that arrow icon turns GOLD or RED, you are in trouble. Simply speaking, if you rally more than 3 times within 60 seconds, you will be instantly defeated the next time your health goes to 0.

The solution is to wait until the arrow icon disappears from the health orb. However, sometimes this may not be possible as you may be outnumbered by the enemy and losing health quickly. If waiting is not an option, you can do the following:

Use skills that will keep you alive as long as possible You can increase your health, or take less damage from enemies, or help you to avoid or get out of combat. You can also inflict conditions on enemies that will help you survive long enough for your downed penalty to cooldown. Get to know your profession well and see which skills help you when you’re in a pinch.



You may notice that you have a health bar when you are in the downed state. This health bar is different from the health you normally have. This is known as the downed health.

In order to rally, your downed health needs to be full. This can be done by using skill 4 (Bandage) but it is generally slow and can be easily interrupted. The best way to rally is to have another player revive you. However, keep in mind the following:

You will constantly LOSE health while in downed state, even if no one is attacking you. This is why there is skill 4 (Bandage) to heal yourself.

You will have LESS DOWNED HEALTH every time you are downed within 60 seconds, if you did not let your downed penalty to cooldown. Let me explain this. It is not good to rally too many times within a short span of time. Every time you are downed you will have less downed health. The chances of rallying are slimmer because you have less downed health (hence, you can’t take a lot of damage).



 The defeated state is pretty much dead. There are a few causes that will result you in this state:

  • Too many downed penalty (Red arrow icon is DANGER!)
  • Unable to rally after becoming downed (Your downed health bar would be 0% to be defeated).
  • Taking falling damage more than your maximum health. (Ie: jumping off a cliff, whether it was unintentional or yolo)
  • A combination of any of the above.

What happens once you are defeated?

You can’t use any skills, any weapons, or even move. You are pretty much dead. The only way to get back into the game is to find a waypoint.

If you are defeated, you may notice that one piece of your armour is damaged. I wouldn’t worry about damaged armour. However, you will need to find a repair NPC to fix your armour when all of your armour pieces are damaged. When all pieces are damaged, the next time you are defeated one of those pieces will be broken.

Do not forget that the backpiece is also considered armour so it can be damaged/broken!

I hope you start to understand a bit more about the mechanics of the downed state and put the knowledge you have gained into practice. In the next part of the guide, I will explain how to revive a downed player without killing yourself.

– Fluffy


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