Ahh… sweet sweet Moot!

Hello Tyrians!

As you may have known, I posted this image on my last post as a clue to what I’m about to post.

After more than 2 years since I ventured into the world of Tyria, countless near-death experiences, tears, blood, sweat and hard work… I am SO proud to say that I have officially gained my FIRST Legendary weapon, The Moot! 😀

Indeed, this is a VERY shiny Mace weapon! I’m always shiny (I shine brightest when I draw my weapon), throws out confetti when in combat, and leave behind shiny squares when I walk.


The only downside to this weapon is that only Warrior and Guardian can wield it (The Revenant will be able to equip it when Heart of Thorns is released so looking forward to it). Also, it’s not shiny enough! What? Too shiny? Can’t hurt to be more shinier! Still, it’s definitely worth it, and I can finally take a long break from farming stuff.

Here’s a few screenshots of The Moot on my Guardian. I’ll take some screenshots on Fluffy and post the screenies soon-ish. Hope you enjoy the shiny-ness!

Stay healthy!
Fluffy 🙂


Acquiring dyes

You can acquire dyes by searching on the trading post. You can find specific colours or try your luck by buying Unidentified Dyes. The only ways to get dyes is either using Laurels, opening Black Lion Chests or buy on the Trading Post. You can also craft dyes via crafting (Chef). Dyes are used to colour your armour or outfit.